School Life

St. Paul’s is a thriving, active school providing excellent curriculum opportunities each and every day. In addition to this we have a vibrant school life which extends and enhances the curriculum. This makes our school a very special place to be a part of. Collective Worship takes place each day either in the classroom or as part of a Whole School or Key Stage Assembly. Children are involved in the preparation in a variety of ways such as choosing hymns, readings or prayers as well as presenting dramas.

Healthy Schools

We value the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and promote this in many ways during the school day. The Foundation Stage and Key Stage One are part of the National Fruit Scheme and children are encouraged to eat a piece of fruit at break time. Key Stage Two children also bring fruit from home to eat at this time. The school kitchen provides a range of healthy choices at lunch time including a salad bar. We also encourage an active Playtime and Lunchtime with a large range of exciting equipment. Older children act Playtime Leaders and help organise games for the younger children.

Throughout the year, at various times, we have Whole School “Walk to School” days, which Staff, Parents and Children all enjoy. A bicycle storage facility is provided to encourage children to cycle to school.

School nurses work across education and health, providing a link between school, home and the community.  Our school nurse is Amanda Wilkinson and can be contacted on 07741 186014.

Community Links

At all times we make the best use of our local community to support the education and welfare of our children.  We have an excellent project partnership with the Billingham Environmental links project,   to  promote and develop horticultural opportunities in school.

We also have regular visits from the fire service to help pupils learn about fire safety.

Children frequently visit the local coast, Teesmouth, Preston Park to extend their learning.  St. John's Ambulance and our crossing patrol person, Janice Clough, visit our school to promote awareness of their role.

Timing of the School Day

Nursery - Morning Session - 8.30 - 11.30/Afternoon Session - 12.15 - 3.15

School - Gates open at 8.40 and children filter straight into their classrooms.  School begins at 8.50.

Morning break - 15 minutes

Lunch - 1 hour per day

School ends at 3.15


To ensure a smooth transition at the beginning of the school day; it is essential that we have a prompt start.  The school day begins at 8.50.  Lateness for lessons causes disruption and distress so please support us in ensuring that your child is on time each day.

Sporting Life

St. Paul’s are part of the Stockton School Sport Partnership which enables our children to take part in a wide range of sport competitions. The children are able to take part in competitions with children from other schools, this provides good community links and encourages sport beyond the school day. A number of our children have gone on to be successful locally and regionally because of this starting point.