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School Meals

School Meal Menus

At St Paul’s School we utilise a ‘band system’ for children who take a school meal. Each day the cook prepares 3 varieties of meal selection red, green or black.Each morning, the children who take a school meal, are given the opportunity to select the meal of their choice (red, green or black).Once they have made their choice they are given either a green or red band to wear. This then indicates to the catering staff which meal they have requested.

Children not wearing a band have selected the ‘black’ menu choice.

To enable you to support your child through this process and encourage them to select a meal they will enjoy, we upload, onto the school website, the menus.

This system ensures that children receive a meal they will enjoy!


Meal Arrangements

School meals are provided daily, if required. School meals currently cost £2.20 per day and £11.00 per week.

Payment for school meals are made by logging onto your Parentpay account. Please contact the school office if you require any further information or guidance on Parentpay. Children staying for a meal are not permitted to leave the premises without written parental consent. Free school meals are available in certain circumstances. For advice on Free school meals follow this link. If you qualify to receive free school meals for your child but do not intend to make use of the facility, please inform the school office as the school is entitled to additional funding for families in this situation. All information is treated in the strictest of confidence. Children receiving free school meals cannot be distinguished from other children due to the school using Parentpay system.


Please click on the link below to download/view a copy of the latest menus:-

Lunch Menu - Week 1
Week Commencing - 31st August, 14th September, 28th September & 12th October

Lunch Menu - Week 2
Week Commencing -  7th September, 21st September, 5th October & 19th October